Standing at the doors of their children’s school in Collingwood Ontario, two moms had no idea that they were about to become fast friends. Miranda Kofoed and Wispy Boivin bonded over a mutual love of yoga, great food and their families. They found that they both had children that struggled with food intolerances, allergies and sensitivities. Wispy’s experience with restaurants and Miranda’s farm upbringing gave them a unique insight into food and nutrition.

Together they researched ways to help their families value health and nutrition in a world that doesn’t always make that easy. They have worked hard to make fresh food a part of their every day life, and understand it can be difficult for many. Which is exactly why they founded Press Juice Co. and more recently, Press Market.

The benefits of pure, cold pressed, organic fruit and vegetables to repair and refresh body and soul are infinite and it’s something that both Miranda and Wispy are passionate about. Combining it with healthy, fresh and local foods they found that everyone was benefitting from healthier choices made in their daily routine.

Whether it’s cold pressed juice, a vegan dessert, handmade veggie burgers or farm fresh eggs, Press Market (and Press Juice Co.) has everything you need if you’re looking to change your life or just your morning.

Miranda and Wispy are thoroughly enjoying their journey of growth and expanding and are looking forward to more fresh, pressed and exciting adventures in the future. Check back often to see what new things they have in store for you!